Small Wonders

Christingle - 'Christ Light'
Christingle – ‘Christ Light’

A few weeks ago our sermon at church was on repentance, recognising where  in our lives we have turned from God’s way, and choosing to follow His way once again.

I am endlessly learning to see and act from God’s perspective perhaps because it clashes so much with my own!  I have become more aware recently of my reluctance to let go of what I have.  Actually I love to give.  But to give the best of my strawberries away, or my favourite piece of artwork I have created – these I want to hold onto.  I want to have them for myself.  That by somehow clinging to them I can keep their value.

God in His mercy at Christmas gave one thing to us, something very small.  A child.  That which was of greatest value and worth to Him.  In the hope that through His son we would see His love for us, and return to Him.

I have been convicted to give to God my first fruits, the best of my crop of strawberries.  My best artwork.  Yet too often God becomes the secondhand store.  He gets my left overs, what I have spare in terms of time, of goods, of talents and of my money.

“Where your heart is there will your treasure be also.” (Matthew 12:34)

In a strange turn of events giving with love of my best frees me.  In reality it can be a small thing.  Perhaps a bowl of strawberries.  Yet in my heart it creates a change of priorities.  Once I learn to give the best I have to God I am placing my love for Him at the centre of my life and like all things with God I become the one blessed.  I am freed from the danger of placing too much value on the tangible but perishable, and am constantly reminded to re-focus on what is most important.  I am freed to hold the things of this world more lightly.

And what does God do with Small Wonders:

  • With a child’s loaf of bread He feeds 2000 people
  • With one word of encouragement uttered by an ill person, he encourages a retired priest worn down by criticism.
  • With a random bunch of flowers He comforts a lady who has just lost her close friend.
  • With a vision given to an Albanian woman he inspires a ministry she started at age 45 (Mother Theresa)
  • With Abraham’s decision to follow God’s calling Abraham becomes the Father of the Faith we now profess.


Ever notice how the small things can be the most inconvenient?

What is evident is God uses what most the world sees as a small thing, even unimportant – for what we give may not appear to be much even if it is of great worth to us, but dedicated to God He is able to use it.  And He uses it to bless far beyond what we in our humanness can at first see.

And so may you be blessed this Christmas in knowing more of the grace, love and truth of Jesus.  Who born on Christmas Day, in the form of a small child, remains the Saviour of the world.


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