It’s NOT Rocket Science

I look on and weep as the country my Lord was born in tears itself apart.

Yet their leaders build walls – keeping out the infidels (maybe) but at the same time imprisoning their own hearts.

Hearts that cannot but be hardened by the embittered conflict as they limit access to basic necessities such as water and freedom of movement to Palestinians. Hearts that commit their own young people to two years military service with the knowledge they may kill or be killed.

It is never a one sided story. Palestinian fighters attack Israeli’s and deadly suicide bombings take innocent lives.

Hope lies in the possibility of forgiveness not rockets. Only forgiveness can heal the deep wounds created by such a long and historical conflict.

As Christians we are not historically innocent of war crimes ourselves so we cannot claim any personal merit. But we can offer the merit of Jesus Christ our Saviour. He extended God’s forgiveness to us so we may worship God who first chose the Jews as His people. And He extends this same grace to our Palestinians brothers and sisters in Christ.

So of course we pray and weep for those caught up in the conflict on both sides. And we pray Jesus who offered to take away all our wrongdoings and offered instead His peace will be acknowledged and known by all those in the Holy Land:

“37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, murdering the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often would I have gathered your children together as a mother fowl gathers her brood under her wings, and you refused!

38Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate (abandoned and left destitute of God’s help). [I Kings 9:7; Jer. 22:5.]

39For I declare to you, you will not see Me again until you say, Blessed (magnified in worship, adored, and exalted) is He Who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Matthew 23:37-39 (AMP)


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